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Released: 29th Mar 2019



Released: 29th Mar 2019


The Honey Pot play a blend of Sixties psych that has its boots in the past but its head in the future, they draw on that unique English inheritance of the surreal and the strange, but are not afraid to indulge in an American West‐Coast style adventure when the mood takes them.

Bewildered Jane is their forth long‐player, fifth if you include their recent compilation of odds and sods. Like all good bands, they are on a journey. This time out their sonic palette has taken on a deeper and richer hue. The harmonies are that little bit richer. The sound that little bit fuller. The mood that little bit darker. Their successful combination of elements drawn from English and American psychedelia has created their own unique take on the genre. There are remnants enough of what fans would expect to keep them happy from a new Honey Pot album and sufficient experimentation to keep them interested.



  1. Hadron Kaleidoscope
  2. A Simple Act
  3. Await You Here
  4. Light Splinters
  5. Bewildered Jane
  6. Harmony Ambassador
  7. Time And Tide
  8. The Partisan Returns Waving Good‐bye