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Released: 23rd Aug 2019



Released: 23rd Aug 2019


With Tropical Depression, Kaleb Stewart(AS FRIENDS RUST) has created a singersongwriter album for the hardcore kids of the 90s.

The memories are present and yet, the world has changed, it is burning on all corners. Reasons that once led you to form a band and scream your displeasure into the world we still have many of them, even more than before, and yet the rebellion in paradise stagnates. And with her, its art. Lethargy spreads and spreads to depression. And that's where Tropical Depression begins. The album is about so much more than the transfiguration of the early years, it is about the reflection of the actual state, about articulations, the desire of change and the simultaneous persistence in the golden cage. Kaleb's medium of musical description is pop. One aspect of this is that the door of the cage is wide open and yet not passed through. The fact that the lyrics are supposed to encourage people to think about it and perhaps to dare to take the step out is another aspect and one could call this punk again in the historical conclusion But maybe that's not important anymore, because the world has moved on.



  1. Sunshine
  2. Warzone
  3. Steady Boy
  4. Politics At The Bar
  5. Depending on the Sky
  6. Cinco de Mayo
  7. Ferguson
  8. No Angel
  9. 8th and 3rd
  10. Play of God