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Zeitgeist (30th anniversary edition)


limited orange 2lp

Released: 23rd Nov 2018


The first album recorded at the band’s newly built Metway Studio, ZEITGEIST showcased a much heavier sound than on previous Levellers albums; but the alienation remained the same.

With its central theme of homelessness, the Top 20 single, Hope Street, is as relevant today as upon first release. And whilst The Fear, Forgotten Ground and Exodus reflected the divided nation we lived - and still live - in, the album also includes less political songs in the party anthem, Just The One and Fantasy. Both of which continued the Levellers string of Top 20 hits. ZEITGEIST reached Number One in the UK album chart in September 1995, continuing the Levellers’ stratospheric rise from their ‘cult indie’ status to selling out arena tours in under five years.

Zeitgeist (30th anniversary edition)


  1. Hope Street
  2. The Fear
  3. Exodus
  4. Maid of The River
  5. Saturday To Sunday
  6. 4 AM
  7. Forgotten Ground
  8. Fantasy
  9. PC Keen
  10. Just The One
  11. Haven’t Made It
  12. Leave This Town
  13. Men-An-Tol
  14. The Fear
  15. Leave This Town
  16. Hope Street
  17. Exodus
  18. Maid Of The River
  19. Men-An-Tol
  20. Fantasy
  21. Just The One