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Levellers (30th anniversary edition)


limited orange 2lp

Released: 23rd Nov 2018


Recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studio, the band’s ‘difficult third album’ was originally released in September 1993.

Often overshadowed by its predecessor, Levelling the Land, LEVELLERS features some of the band’s most political and thought-provoking songs which still feature in their live set 25 years later. The uplifting, floor stomping tale of death in police custody, Dirty Davey and the anthemic The Likes of You and I sit alongside original versions of Top 20 singles Belarus, This Garden and the beautifully tragic Julie.

Levellers (30th anniversary edition)


  1. Warning
  2. 100 Years of Solitude
  3. The Likes of You and I
  4. Is This Art?
  5. Dirty Davey
  6. This Garden
  7. Broken Circles
  8. Julie
  9. The Player
  10. Belarus
  11. Warning
  12. 100 Years of Solitude
  13. This Garden
  14. Belarus
  15. Is This Art?
  16. Julie
  17. Subvert