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David Sylvian

amplified gesture



Released: 21st Jan 2013

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a film exploring the journeys & philosophies of a select group of experimental musicians including keith rowe, evan parker, toshimaru nakamura & christian fennesz.

amplified gesture was first released in 2009, within the deluxe edition of david sylvian's groundbreaking album, 'manafon'. intimately & eloquently, these exceptional artists reveal themselves through their ideas & working practices, creating a captivating document of a thriving & endlessly renewable music scene. revised & re-visited, this dvd release features a new chapter, titled 'the collective', in which contributors explore political questions arising both within & outside of their respective musical ideologies.

amplified gesture


  1. The First Input
  2. Evolution pt.1 – AMM
  3. Evolution pt.2
  4. Raw Materials
  5. A Dedicated Proposition
  6. Artist Audience & Architecture
  7. The Perpetual Stimulus
  8. The Collective
  9. 'Amplified Gesture' by Phil Hopkins (73 minutes 44 seconds)
  10. 'Coaxing or Pummelling?' (An introduction to certain improvisers) by Clive Bell.
  11. 'A man of no significance' by David Sylvian (7 min 32 seconds)