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laura veirs


bella union


Released: 27th Oct 2011

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Released: 30th Oct 2011

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the youthful innocence in veirs’ voice lends itself well to an album of songs for children that retells traditional american folk tales & ballads.

inspired by the birth of her son, veirs became curious about the history of american children’s music & starting investigating & listening to hundreds of songs including harry smith’s famous anthology of american folk music. selecting what veirs calls, “a sampling that reflects our richness as a people,” ‘tumble bee’ was recorded at home in the spring of 2011 & includes songs by jimmie rodgers, woody guthrie, peggy seeger & harry belafonte & features guest appearances by colin meloy (decemberists), jim james (my morning jacket), bela fleck & brian blade (drummer for bob dylan). much more than simply a record for children, ‘tumble bee’ defies category to stand on its own as a vibrant, sonically beautiful recording. “will charm those who hear it, irrespective of their age” 4/5 – uncut.