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Released: 7th Jul 2006

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180g LP + download

Released: 3rd Dec 2012


The perfect soundtrack for a summer roadtrip in an old car across Death Valley.

Deeper & richer than their debut, 'Spoke', their sophomore is a wonderfully textured & cinematic listen that gives us a really good flavour of what's to come from the prolific band. Calexico's musical textures are woven out of a dazzling array of instruments & styles, including mariachi trumpets, countrified pedal steel, Latin jazz percussion & carnival organ, just to name a few. The songs move at siesta speed, casually looping & loping along, never getting overheated. fans of beirut would do well to check this classic album out.



  1. Gypsy's Curse
  2. Fake Fur
  3. The Ride (pt II)
  4. Where Water Flows
  5. The Black Light
  6. Sideshow
  7. Chach
  8. Missing
  9. Minas De Cobre (For Better Metal)
  10. Over Your Shoulder
  11. Vinegaroon
  12. Trigger
  13. Spawl
  14. Stray
  15. Old Man Waltz
  16. Bloodflow
  17. Frontera