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Car Wheels On A Gravel Road



Released: 15th Dec 2000



Released: 23rd Jun 2014

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1998's 'Car Wheels' was far and away her most produced album to date, which is something of a mixed blessing.

Its surfaces are clean and contemporary, with something in the timbres of the instruments (especially the drums) sounding extremely typical of a late-'90s major-label roots-rock album. While that might subtly alter the timeless qualities of Williams' writing, there's also no denying that her sound is punchier and livelier. The production also throws Williams' idiosyncratic voice into sharp relief, to the point where it's noticeably separate from the band. As a result, every inflection and slight tonal alteration is captured & Williams' songwriting is as captivating as ever. although she might not be the most prolific songwriter of the '90s, she's certainly one of the most brilliant.

Car Wheels On A Gravel Road