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limited edition white vinyl 12” withdownload

Released: 28th Nov 2011

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the elusive producer runs a gamut of sonic textures, drawing on jungle, rave, techno & grime in equal & unpredictable measure.

some might see ‘nothing’ as a 7-track companion piece to ‘dedication’ yet it also offers something of a bridge between his two albums to date. from opener ‘labyrinth’, an unabashed homage to early ‘90s hardcore (with perhaps one of the clearest vocals to feature on a zomby record to date), to the immaculately titled closing track, ‘ecstasy versions’,  the music on show is like a burst of bright light, considerably lighter in tone to his masterpiece ‘dedication’.

if you are after this on cd, all these tracks are part of our exclusive japanese import version of 'dedication', along with another 2 bonus tracks unavailable anywhere else!



  1. Labyrinth
  2. Digital Fractal
  3. Equinox
  4. Sens
  5. It Was All A Dream
  6. Trapdoor
  7. Ecstasy Versions