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The War On Drugs

Come to the City

Secretly Canadian


Released: 12th Dec 2011

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a perfect example of why ‘slave ambient’ is our album of 2011, with searing guitars rising from beatific ambience.

synth & sax drones, searching guitar & a relentless fist-pumping charge make ‘come to the city’ a delicate balancing act from these masters of texture, tone & momentum, who build maximum tension through careful sonic sculpting. even when its anthemic baseball park finale drops, granduciel buries it in the ambience just enough so that ‘come to the city’ never loses that feeling of almost peaking. the as-yet-unreleased b-side, ‘don't fear the ghost’, is pure desert trance american music, suicide on a south western vision quest.

Come to the City


  1. Come To The City
  2. Don’t Fear The Ghost