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Gretchen Peters

Hello Cruel World



Released: 30th Jan 2012


lovely country-folk melodies & deliciously textured arrangements from grammy nominated singer-songwriter.

fans of norah jones & jolie holland might want to take a listen to this nashville resident’s fine songwriting, intimate reflections on a self-described year of turmoil. led by her soft piano, crisp guitar playing & delicate alto voice, the arrangements swell with slide, organ & brushed drums from some top country players including will kimbrough, vicktor krauss, barry walsh & rodney crowell. “there’s an unusual sophistication & depth of lyrical craft here… anybody who thinks sincerity is a virtue in a songwriter will be bowled over by peters’ soulful tapestries.” – bbc.   

Hello Cruel World


  1. Hello Cruel World
  2. Saint Francis
  3. The Matador
  4. Dark Angel
  5. Paradise Found
  6. Woman On The Wheel
  7. Five Minutes
  8. Camille
  9. Natural Disaster
  10. Idlewild
  11. Little World