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cut hands

afro noise 1 : volume 2



Released: 6th Jan 2012

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william bennett of whitehouse fully submerges himself in african percussion with experimental, dark results.

this was never going to be music to rear fluffy, cute ducklings to & all the better for it! a bludgeoning mix of machine & vaudou/central african percussion plus other acoustic instruments combine to create an extreme, physical & intense musical experience through the manipulation of congolese & ghanaian rhythms.

jason recommends: "the two sides of william bennett collide as he fuses the abrasive textures of whitehouse with the timbres & rhythms of traditional african music. best know as the founding member of uk noise group whitehouse, bennett has always been obsessed with africa & its music. after the success of his afro noise mix, bennett became a man on a mission, four years in the making & utilizing his collection of congolese & ghanaian percussion instruments, the afro noise finally arrives. the result: killer african rhythms layered with atmospheric electronic textures & engulfing drones. awesome stuff!!"

afro noise 1 : volume 2


  1. Munkisi Munkondi
  2. Impassion
  3. Ezili Freda
  4. Nzambi Ia Muini
  5. Bia Mintatu
  6. Krokodilo
  7. Backlash
  8. Rain Washes Away Every Thing