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A Place To Bury Strangers

Onwards to the Wall EP

Dead Oceans


Released: 5th Mar 2012


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Released: 19th Mar 2012

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packs every bit of the searing sonic maelstrom fans have come to expect, with hooks that sink ever deeper.

the songcraft that’s always been there is brought more the fore, pop hooks are repurposed & instantly recognisable, pulling timeless melodies from jet engine textures. ‘so far away’ takes all the pure pop perfection of the box tops’ ‘the letter’ & shoots it through with a barely-harnessed dark energy & snarling propulsion. the title track carries a similar balance of classic 60s pop hooks & doomed-out vibes, employing a boy-girl vocal trade off that’s sexy & menacing. for fans of jamc & the horrors or maybe heavier outfits like ministry or nine inch nails. 4/5 – drowned in sound.

Onwards to the Wall EP


  1. I Lost You
  2. So Far Away
  3. Onwards To The Wall
  4. It’ll Be Alright
  5. Drill It Up