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Wooden Shjips


thrill jockey


Released: 5th Mar 2012

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28 minute ep of exclusive cuts & remixes from andrew weatherall, sonic boom (pete kember of spacemen 3) & kandodo (simon price of the heads).

andrew weatherall contributed his trademark style to a stretched out version of the ‘west’ track ‘crossing’. sonic boom submitted the ‘wiking stew (aka red krayola-ing)’ remix when he was called in to help master ‘west’. ‘ursus maritimus (last bear’s lament)’ ended up being a very loose collaboration with kandodo (otherwise known as simon price from the heads). this track began as something that wooden shjips guitarist ripley johnson had been working on as a sort of demo, but after hearing some early kandodo recordings, decided it might be cool to see what simon could do to flesh it out.



  1. Crossing Remix [Andy Weatherall]
  2. Wiking Stew (aka Red Krayola-ing) [Sonic Boom]
  3. Ursus Maritimus (Last Bear’s Lament) [Kandodo with Ripley]