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Released: 16th Apr 2012


1st cd issue of grouper’s 2011 2 part album of powerful & melodic ambient music, as powerful & inspiring as it is ethereal & timeless.

subtitled ‘dream loss’ & ‘alien observer’, these 2 cds comprise songs liz harris has written & recorded over the last 4 years. her unique take on ambience creates dreamy & vaguely ominous wisps of submerged melody, cocooned in shifting, ambiguous tones that seem to physically enshroud your being as you get sucked into the subtly changing environment of her exquisite sonic universe. “whether she's working in realm of rough-hewn folk or amniotic drift, this is music that takes you places” 8.1/10 – pitchfork.

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disc 1

  1. Dragging the Streets
  2. I Saw a Ray
  3. Soul Eraser
  4. Atone
  5. No Other
  6. Wind Return
  7. A Lie

disc 2

  1. Moon is Sharp
  2. Alien Observer
  3. Vapor Trails
  4. She Loves Me That Way
  5. Mary on the Wall
  6. Come Softly