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bella union


Released: 4th Jun 2012


lp + cd

Released: 4th Jun 2012


"a re-affirmation of what heart, skill, craft & guile can birth given time & experience" - dis.

10 years since releasing their debut, 'Everybody Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone', the new york band are at the peak of their powers & are finally winning the recognition they deserve. "a band who are startlingly good at taking the simplest things & then arranging them deftly in a manner that immediately adds vibrancy & luminosity, as if they’ve completed an electrical circuit. They don’t need to be, or to do complex; they just do simple better than pretty much any current guitar act on the planet. The difference on 'Heaven' is that they’ve stepped into a more vivid & kaleidoscopic spotlight. they can still crush the accelerator & when they do so, the results are generally spectacular" 9/10 - drowned in sound.





  1. We Can't Be Beat
  2. Love is Luck
  3. Heartbreaker
  4. The Witch
  5. Southern Heart
  6. Line by Line
  7. Song for Leigh
  8. Nightingales
  9. Jerry Jr.'s Tune
  10. The Love You Love
  11. Heaven
  12. No One Ever Sleeps
  13. Dreamboat