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Dirty Projectors

Swing Lo Magellan

Domino Records


Released: 9th Jul 2012


180gram limited lp + download

Released: 16th Jul 2012


lp + download

Released: 9th Jul 2012


a work of beautiful, generous simplicity of heart & soul, what else did you expect from longstreth & co's mega-anticipated 6th album?.

longstreth manages to produce his most tender yet anthemic record to date. writing in an isolated house in the rural solitude of delaware county, longstreth forged intimacy & spontaneity, & each track bursts with ideas & warmth, but that's not to suggest that the fidgetiness & crashing rhythms of their previous material is absent. album opener ‘offspring are blank’ starts with the band's calling card of harmonies & sparse clicks & percussion before exploding into life. lead single ‘gun has no trigger’ has longstreth's vocals straining toward emphatic ecstasy with female vocal harmonies cooing in the background. the 12 tracks are sewn together in a way that feels like a paean to the tradition of songwriting & the sheer heartfelt joy of it.

ami says : “interesting & intriguing compositions that duck & dive melodically with tune after tune of fantastic musicianship – no one is doing off kilter quite like longstreth & co.”

Swing Lo Magellan


  1. Offspring Are Blank
  2. About To Die
  3. Gun Has No Trigger
  4. Swing Lo Magellan
  5. Just From Chevron
  6. Dance For You
  7. Maybe That Was It
  8. Impregnable Question
  9. See What She Seeing
  10. The Socialites
  11. Unto Caesar
  12. Irresponsible Tune