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clockwork angels



Released: 9th Jul 2012


rush step up the prog without losing the blistering riffs or hooks, embracing everything from metal & rock to electric jazz, flamenco touches & more.

lyrically chronicling a young man’s quest across a lavish & colourful world of steampunk & alchemy, embodied by pirates, strange carnivals, rabble-rousing anarchists & lost cities, as he attempts to follow his dreams. his enemy is the watchmaker, a ruthless authoritarian presence who attempts to rule the universe & all aspects of everyday life with fascistic precision. this set sprawls, full of dynamic surprises, wild rhythmic variations & expansive textures. its musical athleticism & callisthenic discipline are equalled only by its distinct musical language & relentless creative drive.

clockwork angels


  1. Caravan
  2. BU2B
  3. Clockwork Angels
  4. The Anarchist
  5. Carnies
  6. Halo Effect
  7. Seven Cities Of Gold
  8. The Wreckers
  9. Headlong Flight
  10. BU2B2
  11. Wish Them Well
  12. The Garden