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Weigh Me Down

Ninja Tune

clear 12"

Released: 10th Sep 2012

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a perfect exemplar of the way Lorn combines smeared, spooked atmospherics with rhythmic drive & melodic strength.

Voiced by Lorn himself, the tune starts built out of found sound before exploding into a driving beat & waves of falling chords.remixes come from Mono/Poly, Shed, Mike Slott & Illum Sphere who removes some of the rhythmic relentlessness & focuses on the beauty in the vocal, before wobbly bass messes with your equilibrium. Mike Slott laces together a skipping, clever rhythm, pitches up the vocals & gives the whole thing a surprising soul-jazz tinge whereas Mono/Poly goes for rumbling bottom end, pterodactyl cries, bubbling keyboard lines & a psychedelic emphasis on sonic atmospherics.

Weigh Me Down


  1. Karma
  2. Weigh Me Down (Illum Sphere Remix)
  3. Weigh Me Down (Mike Slott Remix)
  4. Weigh Me Down (Mono/Poly Remix)
  5. Diamond (Dolor Remix)
  6. Ghosst(s) (Shed Remix)