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jesus lizard




Released: 12th Nov 2012

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re-issue of the band's 5th album, their 1996 major label debut which saw david yow's distinct vocals at the core of their sound.

impressed by his work on the album 'houdini' by the melvins, the band hired producer gggarth to record 'shot'.  duane denison's guitar riffs are appropriately gnarled & twisted, as the band blast out their unique, noisy post-butthole surfers/big black rock.



  1. Thumper
  2. Blue Shot
  3. Thumbscrews
  4. Good Riddance
  5. Mailman
  6. Skull of A German
  7. Trephination
  8. More Beautiful Than Barbie
  9. Too Bad About The Fire
  10. Churl
  11. Now Then
  12. Inamorata
  13. Pervertedly Slow