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Sun Airway

Soft Fall

Dead Oceans


Released: 1st Oct 2012



Released: 4th Oct 2012

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glistening tracks, based on rich acoustic instruments, layered in synthetic sounds & carried along on jon barthmus’ perfect hooks move him out of the bedroom & into cathedrals.

on 'soft fall' the songs are hyper-saturated, bright & colourful, spilling from the speakers with shady shapes of electronic / pop pioneers past & present. touches of elo & new order brush up against hints of modern sounds like m83 & radio dept., carried by the subtle breeze of bjork’s ‘homogenic’. a landscape of collapsed beats, humming off the life that springs up from underneath, grand & beautiful, ornate & complex, surreal & classic all at once.

Soft Fall


  1. Activity 1
  2. Close
  3. New Movements
  4. Activity 2
  5. Wild Palms
  6. Laketop Swimmers
  7. Soft Fall
  8. Black Noise
  9. Symphony In White No. 2
  10. Activity 3
  11. Over My Head