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the north sea scrolls (luke haines)

the north sea scrolls

fantastic plastic

limited 2cd

Released: 19th Nov 2012


Luke Haines, Cathal Coughlan & Andrew Mueller make up This dauntless, mischievous trio who deliver A series of startling revelations.

written by Haines & Cathal Coughlan, these 13 songs are performed on guitar & piano, accompanied by the cello stylings of Audrey Riley, all linked by explanatory footnotes read by Mr Mueller. The songs are said to be based on ancient truth-telling documents about this history of our isles, long rumoured to exist but never unearthed.....until now: The North Sea Scrolls.The truths contained in the scrolls are at once profoundly disturbing & peculiarly reassuring. Headphones on. Trip. The. Fuck. Out. Brothers & sisters, it's the Scrolls & the Scrolls have the answer. Listen...they speak

the north sea scrolls


CD1:1)Preamble – Intro 2) Broadmoor Blues Delta 3) Mr Cynthia 4) I'm Not The Man You Think I Am Karen, I'm The Actor Tony Allen 5) Witches In The Water 6) I Am Falconetti 7) The Papal Pagan 8)Ayatollah Cornelius 9)The Morris Man Cometh 10)Tim Hardin MP 11)Enoch Powell - Space Poet 12)The Australian IRA Show 13)My Mother My Dead Mother 14)Narration - (outro) 15) Anthem Of The Scrolls

CD2:1)Preamble – intro 2)Scroll 1 3)Broadmoor Blues Delta 4)Scroll 2 5)Mr Cynthia 6)Scroll 3 7)I'm Not The Man You Think I Am Karen, I'm The Actor Tony Allen 8)Scroll 4 9)Witches In The Water 10)Scroll 5 11)The Papal Pagan 12)Scroll 6 13)Ayatollah Cornelius 14)Scroll 7 15)I Am Falconetti 16)Scroll 8 17)The Morris Man Cometh 18)Scroll 9  19)Tim Hardin MP 20)Scroll 10 21)Enoch Powell Space Poet 22)Scroll 11 23)The Australian IRA Show 24)Scroll 12 25)My Mother My Dead Mother 26)Scroll 13/outro 27)Anthem Of The Scrolls