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gold dust



Released: 1st Oct 2012


cd & dvd

Released: 1st Oct 2012


a selection of tori’s most loved songs, all newly arranged & recorded with the metropole orchestra, a personal journey through her songbook that reaffirms the timelessness of the music.

beloved gems like 'silent all these years' & 'previous things' take on new life alongside the cult favourites such as 'flavor'. a perfect memento of a journey that began 20 years ago, with tori's ground-breaking first album 'little earthquakes'. "a big-band/symphony orchestra hybrid, the metropole shifts styles convincingly from danny elfman to vaughn williams, dwarfing the achievements of all pop acts tilting at "class" via a plain string quartet" 4/5 - uncut.

gold dust


  1. Flavor
  2. Yes, Anastasia
  3. Jackie's Strength
  4. Cloud On My Tongue
  5. Precious Things
  6. Gold Dust
  7. Star Of Wonder
  8. Winter
  9. Flying Dutchman
  10. Programmable Soda
  11. Snow Cherries From France
  12. Marianne
  13. Silent All These Years
  14. Girl Disappearing