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pusher ost

Silva Screen


Released: 8th Oct 2012

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the uk dance duo craft a mood, electro-noir soundtrack for the british remake of the writer/director behind 'drive's 1996 debut, a cult hit across europe.

no strangers to creating music of a film-esque scope anyway, orbital's paul hartnoll has described this breathtaking soundtrack as “a great opportunity to create a score that draws on both moody thriller styles & dance music in equal measures”, & he ain't lying.

pusher ost


  1. Pusher Theme
  2. Pay Me The Money
  3. Driving And Clubbing
  4. Turkish Tension
  5. Bridge Deal
  6. Cutting And Doing
  7. Chase
  8. Cell
  9. Frank Mirror
  10. Haken Bar
  11. Serious Pet Shop
  12. Vvip
  13. Heroin Bath
  14. Pet Shop Suicide
  15. Frank Car Freak
  16. Kiss
  17. Coffee Kneecaps
  18. Cab To Danaka’s
  19. Safe Kitchen
  20. Party Freak
  21. Post Nipple
  22. Go With The Flo
  23. Guns And Party (Bonus Track)
  24. Lloyd Perrin
  25. The Music (Instrumental)
  26. Beat And The Pulse (Still Going Remix)