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dj kicks



Released: 29th Oct 2012



Released: 6th Nov 2012


ruled by Butler’s encyclopaedic knowledge of 40 years of New York dance music, from disco to house & beyond to the DFA era, H&LA distils that knowledge into timeless grooves.

soulful, classic house-inspired vocals (whoever happens to be singing them) & that bittersweet, delicious nocturnal melancholy that all the best dance music has always tapped - the joy of dancing away a broken heart at 4am. Butler started Dj-ing when he was 15 & it’s in his blood. this is his 2nd commercial mix & he combines his historical knowledge of dance music with an approach that’s bang up to date, recontextualising classic tracks with disco that sounds like it’s been beamed in from the 22nd Century.

dj kicks


  1. Mankind - Don't Keep Me Waiting
  2. Rhythm Mode:D - Can You Feel It (Reach To The Top)
  3. Hercules And Love Affair - Release Me (Dj-Kicks)
  4. Fax Yourself - Strut Your Techno Stuff
  5. Klubb Kidz - Don't Want To Hurt You (Skool Flava Dub)
  6. Solution - Feels So Right
  7. Dj Duke Presents Freedom - Love Don't Come Easy (Power Dub)
  8. Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me
  9. Mark Imperial - The Acieed That Ate New York
  10. Inflagranti - Magojiro
  11. Haze Factory - Exclusive
  12. Fierce Ruling Diva - Allemaal, Allemaal!
  13. Jump Chico Slamm - Feel Free
  14. Z.A.M. - Africa Freedom (Johannesburg Dub Mix)