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burnt friedman




Released: 1st Nov 2012

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an extension & 2nd instalment to 'bokoboko', the aesthetic falls between electronic & psychedelic music & the warm-hued sounds of traditional acoustic instruments.

on this new double ep, the music focuses on uneven rhythms that dictate the groove for all the participating musical elements & display a formal logic to which all the instruments gladly succumb. with its even rhythm & proximity to dub reggae, the track ‘kon ki (c2)’ shows that exceptions from the rule are permitted among the 6 new tracks & 2 re-worked 'bokoboko' themes that round off this follow up.



  1. En Bu
  2. Riku Ro
  3. Deku No Bo 2
  4. Bokoboko 2
  5. En Bu 2
  6. Kon Ki
  7. Kowai Koiru
  8. Riku Ro 2