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House Of Love

House Of Love (deluxe edition)

cherry red


Released: 26th Nov 2012

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deluxe edition of the band's eponymous '88 debut offers their complete creation recordings from 1987-1988, together with a raft of previously unissued bonus material.

the album as a whole is a high watermark for english post-punk music of the '80s. this issue boasts all their creation records singles, from the original version of ‘shine on’, ‘real animal’ & the us favourite ‘christine’ to their final single for the label, ‘destroy the heart’. disc 3 is devoted to 19 hitherto unheard demos, including 2 exclusive guy chadwick songs ‘hold on me’ & ‘modern world’, plus rare 7" album freebie (two demos) & 'flexidisc' version of 'shine on'.

House Of Love (deluxe edition)


  1. Christine
  2. Hope
  3. Road
  4. Sulphur
  5. Man To Child
  6. Salome
  7. Love In A Car
  8. Happy
  9. Fisherman's Tale
  10. Touch Me
  11. Shine On (Demo Lp Bonus 7”)
  12. Christine (Demo Lp Bonus 7”)
  13. Shine On
  14. Love
  15. Flow
  16. Real Animal
  17. Plastic
  18. Nothing To Me
  19. The Hill
  20. Loneliness Is A Gun
  21. The Hedonist
  22. Welt
  23. Destroy The Heart
  24. Blind
  25. Mr. Jo
  26. Destroy The Heart (Demo)
  27. Shine On (Fuck Version) (Flexidisc)
  28. Love In A Car (Live – Previously Unissued)
  29. Destroy The Heart (Live – Previously Unissued)
  30. I Wanna Be Your Dog (Live – Previously Unissued)
  31. Shine On (Guy Chadwick Solo Demo)
  32. Touch Me (Demo)
  33. Real Animal (Demo)
  34. Happy (Demo 1)
  35. Hold On Me (16 Track Demo)
  36. Christine (16 Track Demo)
  37. Modern World (Demo)
  38. Salome (Alternative Mix)
  39. Man To Child (Alternative Mix)
  40. Hope (Alternative Mix)
  41. Love In A Car (Alternative Mix)
  42. Touch Me (Demo)
  43. Road (Alternative Mix)
  44. Fisherman’s Tale (Alternative Mix)
  45. Happy (Demo 2)
  46. Sulphur (Alternative Mix)
  47. Real Animal (16 Track Demo)
  48. Little Girl (Alias Mr Jo) (Alternative Mix)
  49. Shine On (Band Demo)