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the physics house band

horizons / rapture

blood & biscuits

LP + download

Released: 22nd Apr 2013

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a colourful & musically dextrous, math fuelled torrent of intricate riffs & angular rhythms, fusing post-hardcore & post-rock with devo's machine-like approach to funk.

a 26 minute long psychedelic excursion through a menagerie of musical styles, moods & aural textures, completing 6 carefully composed pieces of music. the tracks feature a vast heritage of analogue instruments, from a steinway grand piano to a mark iii fender rhodes, a b3 hammond organ to a 1973 ludwig vistalite drum set, & a selection of vintage moog synthesizers, rocking alongside drums & guitars to make a glorious & insanely complex algebraic racket.

horizons / rapture


  1. ObeliskMonolith
  2. Abraxical Solapse
  3. Hollow Mountain
  4. Teratology
  5. The Spectral Beyond
  6. Titan