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Parquet Courts

Light Up Gold

What's Your Rupture


Released: 8th Apr 2013

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deluxe 2cd (includes 'tally all the things that you broke' ep)

Released: 7th Oct 2013

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lp + download

Released: 1st May 2013

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a frenzied & frantic ramraid on the history of garage rock with ridiculously infectious melodies & propulsive guitars behind short, sharp tales of quarter-life ennui.

passionate slackers parquet courts' riveting 'americana punk' captures the excitement & perspective on city life that only transplants could feel & filters it through a haze of laid-back '90s alt-rock influence. andrew savage & fellow songwriter austin brown present a series of observational freeze-frames, zeroing in on banal scenes, everyday events, & listless pondering during drifting times. Musically, they draw on some influences not commonly paired, but to great effect. motoric indie rockers like 'borrowed thyme' & 'stoned & starving' call to mind the wandering rock of the feelies or the inward-looking side of the first phase of the modern lovers. contemporaries like tyvek can be heard on the shouty poetry of tracks like 'donuts only' & 'yonder is closer to the heart', while the shadow of '90s staple artists like pavement & sonic youth colours the entire album. “a debut that’s both instantly addictive & lastingly rewarding” 4/5 - the guardian “goddamn great… a powerful, personality-heavy record” 9/10 – nme.

EP review :

the first taste of the brooklyn band’s new music - a mini album that serves as far more than a stopgap in between full lengths; it’s the sound of Parquet Courts stretching out. it's everything you want from the raucous foursome.....& just a little bit more as there's much of what we know & love here, ending on a more challenging 7 minute less lo-fi effort that showcases a different side to the band that we'd happily hear more of. "The hardest-working so-called slackers in indie rock are back already, with fresh tricks and further proof of greatness...‘Tally All The Things That You Broke’ delivers thrills both familiar and new" 8/10 - nme,

Light Up Gold


  1. Master Of My Craft
  2. Borrowed Time
  3. Donuts Only
  4. Yr No Stoner
  5. Yonder Is Closer To The Heart
  6. Careers In Combat
  7. Light Up Gold I
  8. Light Up Gold II
  9. NDakota
  10. Stoned And Starving
  11. No Ideas
  12. Caster Of Worthless Spells
  13. Disney P.T.
  14. Tears O Plenty
  15. Picture Of Health