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nothing can hurt me

omnivore recordings

cd (import)

Released: 1st Jul 2013


RECORD STORE DAY 2013 - 2lp, 180g translucent yellow vinyl

Released: 20th Apr 2013

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'Nothing Can Hurt Me' traces the origins & history of the legendary band & includes demos, plus alternate original & new mixes.

starting with 16 year-old Alex Chilton sky-rocketing to stardom in the late '60s with the Box Tops & their #1 hit, ‘The Letter’; to the serendipitous meeting of Chilton & local Memphis singer-songwriter-guitarist, Chris Bell; through the tumultuous recording of the group’s landmark albums ‘#1 Record’, ‘Radio City’, & ‘Third’; culminating with their implosion due to failed record sales, personal breakdowns, & the tragic death of Chris Bell in 1978.

nothing can hurt me


side one
1.    MY SOUL (Demo, 1973)
2.    GIVE ME ANOTHER CHANCE (Control Room Monitor Mix, 1972)
3.    IN THE STREET (Movie Mix, 2012)
4.    WHEN MY BABY’S BESIDE ME (Alternate Mix, 1972)
5.    STUDIO BANTER (1972)
6.    TRY AGAIN (Movie Mix, 2012) – Rock City
side two
1.    MY LIFE IS RIGHT (Alternate Mix, 1972)
2.    THE BALLAD OF EL GOODO (Alternate Mix, 1972)
3.    FEEL (Alternate Mix, 1972)
4.    DON’T LIE TO ME (Alternate Mix, 1972)
5.    WAY OUT WEST (Alternate Mix, 1973)
side three
1.    THIRTEEN (Alternate Mix, 1972)
2.    YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE (Alternate Mix, 1973)
3.    HOLOCAUST (Rough Mix, 1974)
4.    KANGA ROO (Rough Mix, 1974)
5.    STOKE IT NOEL (Backward Intro, 1974)
6.    BIG BLACK CAR (Rough Mix, 1974)

side four
1.    BETTER SAVE YOURSELF (Movie Mix, 2012) – Chris Bell
2.    I AM THE COSMOS (Movie Mix, 2012) – Chris Bell
3.    ALL WE EVER GOT FROM THEM WAS PAIN (Movie Mix, 2012) – Alex Chilton
4.    SEPTEMBER GURLS (Movie Mix, 2012)