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one of us is the killer


limited cd - deluxe packaging & 2 bonus tracks

Released: 20th May 2013

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Released: 1st Jul 2013

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dillinger focus their mind-bending meld of metal, rock, experimental ambience & mathematical melodies to a sharper, focused onslaught.

the trailblazing band, whose creative energy & unwavering artistic commitment has reverberated through underground subculture & in tastemaker circles alike since the late 1990s, return with renewed passion & unrivalled skill on their 5th full-length album. while some hints of the kind of math-metal & prog the band previously trafficked in still linger, the album has a more visceral & in-the-moment feeling, so while there are still plenty of time signature & genre changes scattered around the album, they end up feeling more like spontaneous fits of aggression than intellectual exercises.

one of us is the killer


  1. Prancer
  2. One of Us is the Killer
  3. When I Lost My Bet
  4. Hero of the Soviet Union
  5. Nothing‘s Funny
  6. Understanding Decay
  7. Paranoia Shields
  8. CH 375 268 277 ARS
  9. Magic That I Held You Prisoner
  10. Crossburner
  11. The Threat Posed By Nuclear Weapons
  12. One of us is the Killer (Esy Girl Remix) (deluxe cd only)
  13. Nothing’s Funny (Demo Version) (deluxe cd only)