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Personal Record

Merge Records


Released: 5th Jun 2013



Released: 5th Jun 2013

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overflowing with slide guitars, electric pianos & flute solos, this album’s organic pop has a deeply traditional glow.

friedberger's pop instincts may be honed even more finely here than they were on ‘last summer’, particularly on ‘she's a mirror’, which borrows the bouncy beat of hall & oates' ‘maneater’, & ‘stare at the sun’, which brings some razor-sharp hooks to its tale of suburban exile. her lyrics are emotional even if they're not snatched from her diary. on the bossa nova-tinged ‘echo or encore’, she's equally affectionate & mysterious, balancing aloofness & intimacy with alluring vocals & slightly cryptic words, while ‘i am the past’ is a sympathetic, creative depiction of how we relate to who we were before. an enjoyable & comforting portrait of friedberger's artistry: warm, genuine, & a little mischievous.

Personal Record


  1. I Don't Want to Bother You
  2. When I know
  3. I'll Never Be Happy Again
  4. Stare at the Sun
  5. Echo or Encore
  6. My Own World
  7. Tomorrow Tomorrow
  8. You'll Never Know Me
  9. I Am the Past
  10. She's a Mirror
  11. Other Boys
  12. Singing Time