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Son House

clarksdale moan

the devils tunes


Released: 1st Aug 2013

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house pioneered an innovative blues style featuring strong, repetitive rhythms, often played with the aid of slide guitar, & his singing incorporated elements of southern gospel & spiritual music.

house was the primary influence on muddy waters & also an important influence on robert johnson. it was house who, speaking to awe-struck young blues fans in the 1960s, spread the legend that johnson had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for his musical powers. presented here are recordings from his early pre-war days before his re-discovery in the early ‘60s, restored & re mastered from rare original 78s.

clarksdale moan


  1. My Black Mama Part 1
  2. My Black Mama Part 2
  3. Preachin' the Blues Part 1
  4. Preachin' the Blues Part 2
  5. Dry Spell Blues Part 1
  6. Dry Spell Blues Part 2
  7. .Walking Blues
  8. Clarksdale Moan
  9. Mississippi County Farm Blues