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Released: 16th Sep 2013


lp + cd

Released: 16th Sep 2013


Echoes of dub, blues, psychedelia, funk & even art-rock are seamlessly weaved by Tamikrest into their increasingly individual take on the Tuareg musical tradition.

this is a fully persuasive & poetic musical document Filled with sober reflection, moral indignation, musical experimentation, cultural celebration & the kick of rock and roll. 'Chatma' delivers Tamikrest's most wide-screen & wide-ranging sonic statement to date. The infectious, sing-along rock stylings of 'Imanin bas zihoun', the acoustic seduction of 'Adounia tabarat', the Pink Floyd influenced montage 'Assikal' & the lush, melancholy ambiance of the album's finale, 'Timtar', all add up to a sustained audio adventure. "the brightest young contenders among the new Tamashek-speaking desert blues bands mixing traditional styles with elements of indie rock” 4/5 - guardian.




  1. Tisnant an chatma
  2. Imanin bas zihoun
  3. Itous
  4. Achaka achail aynaian daghchilan
  5. Djanegh etoumast
  6. Assikal
  7. Toumast anlet
  8. Takma
  9. Adounia tabarat
  10. Timtar