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daiquiri fantomas

MHz invasion



Released: 7th Aug 2013


sicilian experimental duo give a nod both to the progressive rock, sci-fi b-movie soundtracks & kosmische of the '60s & '70s & later adapters like stereolab, broadcast, modular & lemon jelly.

experimenting with acoustic instruments & vintage electronics crossed over with new technologies, marco barrano & dario sanguedolce create a cocktail of ideas, breathing life into diverse sound architectures with a distinct 'retro-futurist' flavour. Fans of the ghost box label will find musical kinship in their effortless fusion of vintage psychedelia, electro-acoustic trickery & nostalgic references to pop culture.

MHz invasion


  1. MHz Jingle #1
  2. Praeludium
  3. Logarhythm
  4. Moon Raga
  5. MHz Jingle #2
  6. MHz Invasion
  7. Voronoi’s Dream
  8. Moogchile
  9. Kármán's Line
  10. Moon Raga - Alt. version
  11. Logarhythm - Alt. version