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blue gardens



Released: 24th Jul 2013


another 130bpm warrior for the keysound imprint – emma’s sound brings the vivid melodies of purple synth to garage, grime & funky beats.

to the outsider it’s perhaps not immediately apparent the connections between reference points such as, coney island & rebel mc, or encarta ‘96 & delia derbyshire but as you immerse yourself into e.m.m.a.’s vivid sound palette they begin to lead you down a winding path of fantastic vistas. “takes the rugged grooves of uk pirate radio, & adds an extra layer of melody & harmony which connects them back into the much longer history of synthesizer music as well as into a broader, vaguer realm of the imagination”.

blue gardens


  1. Intro
  2. Dream Phone VIP
  3. Cherry Favour
  4. Jahovia ft Rebel MC
  5. Marina
  6. Nostrum ft Sully
  7. Green Light
  8. Shoot the Curl
  9. Mood Ring
  10. At Sea
  11. Outro