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Ras G

Back On the Planet



Released: 12th Aug 2013


180g 2lp + download

Released: 12th Aug 2013


the blunted master of the beat guides his ancient / futuristic music further out than ever with these sun ra inspired, dusty, ethereal & bugged out instrumentals.

equally informed by the looped-up dust of classic boom-bap & the avant-garde esotericism of free jazz, ‘back on the planet’ sees ancient african poly-drum rhythms meet outer-synth splashes of white noise & intuitive experimentation meld with deep sub-harmonics for an otherworldly experience. ‘back on the planet’ is the asp at its most confident, shedding all barriers for an open & honest manifestation & venturing to musical galaxies far removed from the hip-hop beat tapes of yesterday, creating something far more involving, cosmic & attuned to space & time.

leo recommends : "Brainfeeder’s rawest sample junkie channels the celestial spirit of Sun Ra’s musical experiments into an album that exists on the outer peripheries of both electronic jazz & hip hop."

Back On the Planet


  1. Back On The Planet
  2. All Is Well
  3. CosMc Lounge Kisses
  4. Along The Way
  5. _G Spot Connection
  7. One 4 Kutmah
  8. Culture Riddim
  9. Been Cosmic
  10. Injera, Lentils, And Kale
  11. Asteroid Storm
  12. Find Ya Self (ANU Wrld)
  13. Natural Melanin Being
  14. Ancestral Data Bank
  15. Children Of The Hapi
  16. Jus There (feat. Brotha There)