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Ty Segall


Drag City


Released: 19th Aug 2013



Released: 19th Aug 2013



Released: 19th Aug 2013

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After releasing three albums in a period of 12 months you’d expect most people to have run out of energy, never mind ideas, but Ty Segall isn’t your usual slacker.

'Sleeper' does see him at least take a bit of rest, it is less sonically intense than most of his output  & moves closer to the work that he has recently done with White Fence. Gone are mammoth grunge riffs, replaced by smooth chiming acoustic guitars & layered vocals, all played by Segall himself on his most introverted  & personal record to date. "there’s a rather British air to proceedings, a sense that Segall has been assiduously studying those records on the cusp of the ‘70s where psychedelic whimsy evolved into something woodier, folkier, more self-consciously ‘natural’, only for the prospect of glam to loom distantly on the horizon" - uncut.



  1. Sleeper
  2. The Keepers
  3. Crazy
  4. The Man Man
  5. She Don’t Care
  6. Come Outside
  7. 6th Street
  8. Sweet C.C.
  9. Queen Lullabye
  10. The West