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be more like water

knitted cat

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Released: 2nd Aug 2013


a beautiful, dark cinematic odyssey fusing electronics & acoustics combined with field recordings, analogue synths, an ancient piano & his own unique space echo drenched guitar.

a sumptuous other-worldly sound-space that veers from contemplative minimalism through boisterous krautrock wig-out, loopy fourth world raga to skewed hip-pop. the album's watery imagery starts & ends with the tracks east arm & west arm, which refer to the two all-embracing walls of a sea harbour. the final track start something new stands apart from rest of the album - a warped pop song that suggests it's time to smash everything up & start again.

be more like water


  1. (east arm
  2. I was drifting plankton
  3. exe
  4. flat calm
  5. conform or be swept away
  6. fool moon
  7. sleeps with the fishes
  8. perigee
  9. west arm)
  10. start something new