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Released: 20th Nov 2013



Released: 20th Nov 2013


the babies singer & woods bassist channels classic ‘60s pop, dylan introspection,  funky arrangements & hauntingly intimate americana on his touching homage to new York city.

‘Harlem River’ features 8 interweaving tales of tragedy & misfortune; a series of desperate characters playing out their dramas with the city as backdrop. the sprawling title track has a creepy, nocturnal feel that conjures the lively detachment of city nights, filled with surreal drama, dark corners & viscerally bleak moods. ‘slow train’ adds jazzier inflections to its melancholy atmosphere, the sound of dejected grey days, nostalgia & deep, soul searching ennui, adding the longed-for ray of sunlight in the hopeful choruses. ‘reign’ rolls to the chug of delta blues, sounding like a raw vintage 78 with rolling drums & wailing harmonica while the slide guitars & close mic’d guitars of ‘the dead they don’t come back’ add to its tender Americana rumination.



  1. Miles, Miles, Miles
  2. Wild Side (Oh the Places You?ll Go)
  3. Harlem River
  4. If You Leave and If You Marry
  5. Slow Train
  6. Reign
  7. Sucker in the Void (The Lone Mile)
  8. The Dead They Don't Come Back