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early live recordings: gorilla / appleasians

human ear


Released: 10th Mar 2014


These recordings are not just sonic experiments gone mad, but a myriad web of mutated punk, garage, noise & pop references bubbling with the fidgety, juvenile undercurrent of the live arena.

This two-disc archival restoration was salvaged from the same scratchpile of crumbling CDr's & 8-track cassettes as ‘Thrash & Burn’. Given a thorough mastering treatment, this collection makes a fitting conceptual counterpart to ‘Thrash & Burn’, while shedding some much-needed light on the origins of Pink's mystifying, often volatile stage persona. More than just an academic study, ‘Early Live Recordings’ holds gems like the hooky ‘Tractor Man’ the chugging ‘Inside Looking Out’ or a stunningly efficient cover of The Shaggs' ‘He's Still My Cutie’ – which could easily be contenders for some of Pink's most effective pop moments.

early live recordings: gorilla / appleasians


  1. Berzerker
  2. Logan's Run
  3. Chunga
  4. El Fantastic Summer Part 1
  5. Lila Lay
  6. Die He Die
  7. I'm Burning Up
  8. Why Am I So Sad
  9. Nazi Love
  10. Darby's Revenge
  11. Not Her Home Yet
  12. I Sold My Soul
  13. Dancing in the Darkness
  14. Zip Drive
  15. By the Powers of Grayskull
  16. Damo's CD
  17. Funeral in an Aircraft
  18. Farewell Goodbye
  19. Tractor Man
  20. Inside Looking Out
  21. Something In Your Eye
  22. Nana
  23. Crusades
  24. Don't Turn Back
  25. Who Has Scene The Ween
  26. Nana Reprise
  27. My Cutie
  28. I Lied To Her
  29. Shelly Come Out Tonite
  30. Don't Turn Back
  31. In The Dungeon
  32. Inside Looking Out
  33. The Appleasians
  34. Art Life
  35. Red Scare
  36. 2008