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I want to see pulaski at night

grim records

cd (import)

Released: 16th Dec 2013

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lp (import)

Released: 17th Mar 2014


this beautiful & mostly instrumental 7 song mini-album frames the title track centrepiece, a wistful & euphoric rumination from bird that is both poppy & hypnotic at the same time.

the only vocals appear on the title track, with andrew pleading for a departed one to "come back to chicago , city of light". bird builds 5 of the remaining tracks up from simple layered loops in the manner which we've all come to take for granted, but each song is really a small wonder of fragile beauty & joy. "'pulaski at night' is prime bird: tightly crafted, lyrically witty, understated yet sophisticated in its arrangement of loops & plucks & thrums & whistles" - pitchfork "a cinematic musical experience that opens itself to both individual interpretation & universal experience" – paste.

I want to see pulaski at night


  1. Ethio Invention no. 1
  2. Lit from Underneath
  3. Logan's Loop
  4. Pulaski at Night
  5. Hover I
  6. Hover II
  7. Ethio Invention no. 2