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circle time

self released


Released: 9th Dec 2013

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2nd ep from ace locals grasshopper perfectly balances atmospheric shoegazing textures & stripped back post-punk dynamism with a subtly dark new wave slant.

this band have obviously been hard at work since their self-titled cd blew us away last year. the new production & songwriting incorporates the young members' faultless influences into an increasingly unique & fully developed sound. from the transcendent, near-instrumental 'rico's revenge' through to the heavy & thrashier 'too many hormones', the band's solid core of propulsive basslines & insistent joy division-esque beats supports washes of lush synthesisers, spindly bauhaus guitar melodies & possessed vocals. trust us, sometime soon you'll be seeing this band all over town!

circle time


  1. rico's revenge
  2. tiny detonations
  3. pre-teen has-been (get carter version)
  4. the mocking room
  5. too many hormones