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Released: 12th Mar 2014


lp + download

Released: 12th Mar 2014


forged at a difficult time in the band's history, this album is a dark masterpiece that contrasts the band's signature high-energy power punk with a far more sombre, orchestrated approach.

from the opening track, ‘like a fool’, with its droning guitar & languid pace, superchunk serves notice of their desire to move in new directions. there were also band tensions arising from the breakup of mac & bassist laura ballance, hinted at in ballance's morbid album art of a disgruntled woman with a butchered rabbit hanging behind her. but great works are often forged out of misfortune. wedding their melodic impulses with a more sedate approach that utilizes increasingly complexity, superchunk create an emotionally taut album that maps the changing direction of the band as it moves away from its crunchy, arena-pop roots.



  1. Like a Fool
  2. First Part
  3. Water Wings
  4. Driveway to Driveway
  5. Saving My Ticket
  6. Kicked In
  7. Why Do You Have to Put a Date on Everything
  8. Without Blinking
  9. Keeping Track
  10. Revelations
  11. Stretched Out
  12. In a Stage Whisper