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S. Carey

Range of Light



Released: 31st Mar 2014


lp + download

Released: 31st Mar 2014


hugely beatific, restorative panoramas of beauty - An array of musical light & shade, drawn from Carey’s love of jazz, modern classical & Americana.

Like a weathered mountain range changing shadow form & colour, or the ebb & flow of a river's current, his music is simultaneously restful & rhythmic, complex & simple, & always evolving. the album amplifies Carey's percussive proclivities, & is altogether more developed than its predecessors - From the flurry of violins over a circular rhythm in 'Crown The Pines' & the beautiful cries of 'Alpenglow', to the pensive depths of songs like 'Fire-scene' & 'The Dome'. "an acoustic record that's as crisp as a winter's day. achingly beautiful" 8/10 - nme.

Range of Light


  1. Glass/Film
  2. Creaking
  3. Crown The Pines
  4. Fire-Scene
  5. Radiant
  6. Alpenglow
  7. Fleeting Light
  8. The Dome
  9. Neverending Fountain