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cocaine death

hospital productions

limited lp

Released: 7th Apr 2014

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'cocaine death' brings together several strands & signifiers from the prurient catalogue, containing some of its most visceral & experimental works, alongside some of its most evocative.

a compilation of three of prurient’s most sought-after cassette releases: 2007’s’ ‘cocaine death’, ‘caribbean overdose’ & ‘tylenol murders’. this is the first time this collection has ever been available on vinyl, now fully remastered for the format. from the arpeggiated /submerged noise of opener ‘pretext (bahamian burial)’ to the padded, pulsating closer ‘postscript (coke cunts)’ the material here explores the relationship between futile pleasure, substance & escape; escape being a myth. the content is based on the glamour & destruction of toxic nightlife. 'caribbean overdose' explores a different but strangely direct topic of the sexual reproductive life of plants. 'tylenol murders' takes the sounds & concepts of the aforementioned releases & expands the sounds to further limits of cracked static, strained vocals & strange melodic loops.

cocaine death


  1. Pretext (Bahamian Burial)
  2. Cocaine Death
  3. Dog Of Addiction
  4. Lay By Son
  5. Garden Of Tranquility
  6. Eve Of Adam
  7. Historically, Women Use Poison To Kill
  8. Postscript (Coke Cunts)