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Chad VanGaalen

Shrink Dust



Released: 28th Apr 2014


LP +download

Released: 28th Apr 2014


fuzzy, complex, unpredictable meanderings that lose you in their haze of exploration & wonderment - the Calgary musical experimentalist’s blood flows by unrestrained creative impulses.

He has never worked in a commercial recording studio & his unconventional approach to record making is clearly reflected in the resulting weird but joyous music. Always a fan of esoteric instruments, Chad taught himself to play an aluminium pedal steel guitar. His experiments with this instrument unify the album, along with themes of death, transformation, fear, benign evil & the eccentricity of love. A newfound affection for The Flying Burrito Brothers & the scifi mysticism of the 1980s graphic novel ‘The Incal’ by Alejandro Jodorowsky & Moebius, also drove the album. "It’s an album that wears its weirdness on its sleeve, but it’s the best kind of weird, and a joy to listen to" 85% - filter.

Shrink Dust