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Life Among The Savages

Memphis Industries


Released: 12th May 2014


lp + download

Released: 12th May 2014


pocket-sized symphonies from San Francisco’s Jason Quever - with a whizz-kid knack for instrumental arrangement, this is his most concise & lucid release to date.

shrewdly combining dreamy baroque pop string arrangements with lighter-than-air vocals via potent production work. the high-calibre dream pop of his beautifully hypnotic tracks should appeal to fans of real estate, beach house or galaxie 500. Alongside haunting melodies that soar over strings, garage-y guitar hooks, piano & mellotron & energetic bass & drums that never rely on a clichéd beat, it’s impossible to refrain from being spellbound by Quever's unpredictable & chaotic world.

Life Among The Savages