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martin duffy

assorted promenades



Released: 11th Aug 2014


LP + cd

Released: 11th Aug 2014


by turns twinkling & beautiful, nocturnal & mournful, jarring & twitchy, the stunning debut solo album from the felt / primal scream / charlatans keys-man is a wonderfully cinematic & atmospheric sound exploration.

Martin Duffy has always been thought of in relation to other bands - From Felt in 1985 through to Primal Scream, he was always a part of someone else's sum. It was Duffy who was the lynchpin in the continuation of The Charlatans after Rob Collins's tragic death - finishing recordings & stepping in until a new keyboard player could be found. Throughout all that time, he worked on ideas of his own but had never played anything to anyone. He joined Tim Burgess's solo band for a tour in 2012 & now, Tim releases martin's album of his own label, O Genesis. fans of nico muhly, Dustin O'Halloran, max richter or jon hopkins' cinematic work should definitely check this out. 

assorted promenades


  1. Promenading
  2. Uke
  3. Section
  4. Hymn
  5. Newmoania
  6. Section II
  7. Crux
  8. Sonic Interlude
  9. Number Six
  10. Repeats
  11. Holy G
  12. Guitar Sonnet
  13. Hiawah La La
  14. Snowbound
  15. Gust
  16. The Very Eye Of Night