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Released: 22nd Sep 2014

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Ryan Lee West reinforces his unique style of minimal electronic arrangements with a new 6-track EP, creating atmosphere & space whilst exploring waves of sound & rhythm & the power of colour.

With 'Sonne' Ryan creates music to structure itself around a pulse, rather than the pulse being the defining point. The title track begins with “a very subtle set of melodies that repeat almost without confidence, and then gradually give way to a huge collage of colour and power”, as Ryan describes it. Not relying on a conventional beat, it’s a prime example of how an analogue synthesiser can create the power and momentum of a rhythm section. From the distorted waves in '3 Chords', growing and shrinking, to the rhythmic waves of constant speeding up and then slowing down in 'Recovery', it’s the Moog Voyager, Prophet and tape delay that make up the core sound of the EP. Whilst tracks like 'Helios', 'Haunt' and 'Think Tank' see West play live drums and acoustic guitar.




  1. Sonne
  2. 3 Chords
  3. Helios
  4. Haunt
  5. Think Tank
  6. Recovery